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Roy Scott

Writer - Photoghrapher - Entrepreneur


Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, I am a Proud Canadian.

Having to leave school at an early age, I am basically self-taught. My inquisitive mind has caused me to always investigate and understand. My creative mind has allowed me to be proficient at many avocations such as cooking, photography, business ventures, new product ideas, and of course writing.

I have written countless "letters to the editor", newsletter articles, speeches, and even eulogies. I have been published in our local daily, the St. Catharines Standard, and in Silver and Gold - a regional magazine.

My first novel was a paranormal thriller called 999 Beachwood Trail, and my just completed second novel is a suspense/thriller titled "Anchor".

Both novels are pending publication.

"999 Beachwood Trail" is a story about a house with a history. Set in rural Ontario, this house is purchased by a young businessman, Ron Taggert, trying to escape the hectic life in Toronto. After witnessing a biker murder, and agreeing to testify, his life is in danger. When his wife (who is visiting her sister) becomes concerned that she cannot contact him, she calls the police. After the responding police officers disappear, along with Taggert, and the bikers sent to kill him, OPP inspector, Stan Holmes, has no idea what crime he is investigating. Meanwhile, a young upstart journalist Carly Baird is conducting her own investigation. The tension mounts as Holmes and Baird lock horns and ultimately discover what really happened inside that house.

"Anchor" follows a national news anchorman when, right after learning he has an inoperable brain tumour, is summoned to work to to lead the newscast covering an apparent terrorist attack in Toronto. With the President of the United States, as guest of the prime minister, attending a sold out Blue Jays game, an explosion occurs leveling the stadium. When the new president, a racist, gun-toting Texan, learns that Canada's new prime minister is a Muslim, all hell breaks lose. However, all is not what it seems, when a young reporter uncovers evidence showing that the assassinations were a plot hatched by a subversive group based in Washington.

999 Beachwood Trail

An Idyllic home set on the southern shores of Lake Simcoe, but what secrets lie within?


A dying news anchor must persevere to cover the biggest story in Canadian history, and in his life: While the president of the United States is attending a baseball game in Toronto with the prime minister, a major bomb blast levels the ball stadium.